You really could go broke on this book, even more so than Luke.

First-rate: Barrett (make sure you get the second edition, pub. 1978), Beasley-Murray, Brown, Carson, Hutcheson, Keener, Kostenberger, Lincoln, Morris, Ridderbos, Schnackenburg (very hard to obtain, and usually outrageously expensive, but worth it), Pink

Second-rate: Bernard, Blomberg, Bruce, Bultmann, Godet, Hengstenberg, Kruse, Lindars, Luther, Sloyan

Third-rate: Macgregor, Morgan, Tasker

Forthcoming: Bauckham (NIGTC), Michaels (NICNT), McHugh (ICC), Thompson (NTL)

Conservative: Carson, Hutcheson, Keener, Kostenberger, Morris, Ridderbos, Pink, Blomberg, Bruce, Godet, Hengstenberg, Kruse, Luther, Morgan, Tasker

Moderate: Barrett, Beasley-Murray, Bernard, Lincoln, Lindars, Sloyan, Macgregor

Liberal: Brown, Schnackenberg, Bultmann

Of the forthcoming volumes, Michaels will be conservative; Bauckham will be moderate (and essential!); and McHugh and Thompson will be liberal.


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  1. September 7, 2006 at 7:08 am

    Michaels may not be as conservative as you expect. He’s on the line with Petrine authorship of I Peter, and I think he just outright denies Johannine authorship of John. That automatically makes him a moderate in my book. I’m not 100% sure of this, but I believe that was his view in his earlier NIBC on John.

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