Hosea, Joel, Amos

First-rate commentaries: Anderson/Freedman, Macintosh, Wolff

Second-rate: Mays, Kidner, Ben Zvi

Forthcoming: Dearman (NICOT), Daniels (HCOT)

Conservative: Kidner, Dearman; Moderate: Anderson/Freedman, Macintosh, Mays; Liberal: Wolff, Ben Zvi; Unknown: Daniels

First-rate commentaries: Crenshaw, Barton, Wolff, Finley. Finley is the lone conservative of these four; Crenshaw and Barton are moderate, and Wolff is liberal.

All other commentaries on Joel are listed in the Minor Prophets post.

First-rate: Anderson/Freedman, Paul, Smith (Mentor), Jeremias, Finley, Wolff

Second-rate: Mays

Conservative: Smith, Finley, Carroll; Moderate: Anderson/Freedman, Paul, Jeremias, Mays; Liberal: Wolff; Unknown: Dijkstra

Forthcoming: Carroll R. (NICOT), Dijkstra (HCOT)