The Minor Prophets as a whole

This post will deal with whole commentaries on the Minor Prophets, since there are many sets. This will make it far easier to deal with individual prophets in future posts.

First-rate: McComiskey (probably the single best on the Book of the Twelve), NICOT (New International Commentary on the OT), Tyndale, Word Biblical Commentary, Sweeney (in Berit Olam)

Second-rate: Boice, ICC (International Critical Commentary), Pusey (available in Barnes’ Notes), NIB (New Interpreter’s Bible), von Orelli, Achtemeier, Limburg/Achtemeier (Interpretation), FOTL (Forms of OT Literature), NIVAC (NIV Application Commentary), NAC (New American Commentary), Luther volumes 18-20

There are no new complete sets coming out that I am aware of except the revised edition of the Expositor’s Bible Commentary. I believe that that commentary will be written all by one person: Michael Kelly (conservative).