On Shepherds and Sheep

It is the pastor’s job to feed the sheep, as Jesus tells us in numerous places. it is also the pastor’s job to fend off wolves. In doing so, the pastor will often be attacked, sometimes by the sheep, and sometimes by the wolves. That is what we all sign up for. It is unreasonable to expect that pastors will be safe in their study, unaffected by the attacks that go on in the theological world. This is a message for both sides of the Federal Vision debate: don’t expect an easy ride! Don’t expect that you will just coast along, and that no one has a right or a duty to challenge the pastors. It is the duty of pastors to hold other pastors accountable. This is for the sake of the sheep. The important thing is that the sheep are protected. I am tired of hearing about the unreasonableness of someone or so-and-so getting attacked, because they are a pastor. What did they expect? Paranoia has absolutely no place in the pastor’s job description.