Song of Songs

The last two years have seen an explosion of commentaries on this book.

The best ones: Hess, Pope, Longman, Garrett, Keel, Murphy, Provan, Gledhill, Exum, Jenson, Fox

Second-best: Bergant, Durham, Burrowes, Gill, Weems (NIB)

Forthcoming: Watson (HCOT)

Conservative: Hess, Longman, Garrett, Keel, Provan, Gledhill, Durham, Burrowes, Gill

Moderate: Murphy, Jenson, Bergant, Weems

Liberal: Pope, Exum, Fox

Don’t know about Watson


1 Comment

  1. Nate said,

    February 25, 2006 at 9:35 pm

    the Puritans covered this book a TON. good old Canticles.

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