Commentaries on Ruth

Lots of good stuff on Ruth.

Of first importance are Hubbard, Bush, Block, Morris, Younger, Lacocque, Sasson, Matthews, Nielson, Sakenfeld, and Campbell.

Of secondary importance are Farmer, Jackman, Murphy, and Atkinson.

Forthcoming is Korpel.

These are bound with Judges: Block, Morris, Younger, Jackman.

These are liberal: Lacocque, Sasson, Nielson, Sakenfeld, Campbell, Farmer, Murphy. There are no particularly good Jewish commentaries on this book.

Commentaries on Judges

Not very many for this book.

The best by far is Block. Not too far behind is Younger. Other first-tier commentaries include Fausset, Webb, Matthews, Cundall, and Boling.

Of second importance are Soggin, Moore, Schneider, Brown, Olson (NIB). Calvin did not write on Judges (alas). KD is solid as usual, as is Henry.

Forthcoming are Butler, Mayes, and Spronk.

The liberal ones are Boling, Soggin, Moore, and Olson (moderate).