Commentaries on Joshua

There are a lot of good ones here.

Start with Woudstra, Butler, Hess, Boling, Howard, and Hawk. Get the O. Palmer Robertson lecture cd’s from WTS bookstore.

Second tier commentaries include Olson (NIB), Nelson, Soggin (well, maybe third tier here), Creach, and J. Gordon Wright.

Forthcoming are McCarter in Hermeneia, Hubbard in NIVAC (this will be an excellent commentary, most likely), and Rosel in HCOT.

Commentaries on Deuteronomy

Thanks to Nate for the vote of confidence on these commentaries on commentaries.

For Deuteronomy, the best ones are as follows: Craigie, McConville, Weinfeld (Jewish), Thompson, Miller, Ridderbos (out of print, but available used), Wright (not N.T.), and Tigay (Jewish).

The next rung down has Merrill, Clements (in the New Interpreter’s Bible), Nelson, Von Rad (op, and hard to find), Christensen, Luther, Driver. A good little book is McConville’s _Grace in the End_, for those who do not want to buy his more expensive commentary. For those with the money, get both. Calvin, KD, and Henry are a must as well.

Forthcoming are Block in NIVAC (this will be a must), and Houtman (given his pedigree on Exodus, this will also be a must), and the second volume of Weinfeld. The two Jewish commentaries mentioned are quite excellent, and of the highest academic caliber.

Liberal commentaries include Weinfeld, Miller (moderate), Tigay, Clements (moderate), Nelson, Von Rad, and Driver.

Christmas on a Sunday

I note with dismay that many churches are deciding not to worship on Sunday, since it is Christmas. This blog says it all.