Commentaries on Genesis

Here is a recommended list of commentaries on Genesis:

Bruce Waltke, Meredith Kline ( Kingdom Prologue ), Umberto Cassuto, Nahum Sarna, Kenneth Mathews, Gordon Wenham, Claus Westermann, Victor Hamilton, John Currid, Walter Brueggemann, Allen Ross, John Sailhamer, John Walton, Robert Candlish, R. Kent Hughes, Derek Kidner, Aalders, Coats, Pink, Cotter, John Calvin, Keil and Delitzsch, Terence Fretheim (in the New Interpreter’s Bible), and Matthew Henry. I might also mention Robert Alter, Gerhard Von Rad, E.A. Speiser, and Skinner. Forthcoming titles include Blum (Historical Commentary on the OT), and Baker (Apollos OT Commentary). And I do hope that they will replace Speiser’s commentary in the Anchor Bible soon. Of those mentioned, the highest priority (imo) are Hamilton, Currid, Kline, Waltke, Mathews, Wenham, and Hughes. Of second rank, though still important enought to consider are Westermann, Walton, Candlish, Brueggemann, Fretheim, Kidner, Alter, Ross, and Sailhamer. Of course, one must have Calvin, and I do not teach without reading Matthew Henry. Sarna is very interesting for the Jewish perspective (as is Cassuto, but he only goes to chapter 11). Westermann is exceedingly liberal, as is Speiser, Skinner, Cotter, Coats, and Von Rad. Slightly less liberal are Brueggemann and Fretheim.

Calvin Quotation

I really liked this quotation from John Calvin’s commentary on Genesis (volume 1, pg. 550-1):

BOQ: It is worthy of special notice, that when God leaves us destitute of his superintendence, and takes away his grace from us, we are as much deprived of all the aids which are close at hand, as if they were removed to the greatest distance. Therefore we must ask, not only that he would bestow upon us such things as will be useful to us, but that he will also impart prudence, to enable us to use them; otherwise, it will be our lot to faint, with closed eyes, in the midst of fountains. EOQ

This quotation is from his commentary on Genesis 21:18-19, which reads (ESV):
“Up! Lift up the boy, and hold him fast with your hand, for I will make him into a great nation.” Then God opened her eyes, and she saw a well of water…”