Some thoughts on Hagar

Just some preliminary ramblings:

Genesis 16:2-3 sounds just like the Fall narrative in Gen. 3. In both cases, the woman advises her husband, gives to him, and he takes. There was fruit in both cases, evil fruit. And yet God wrenches good out evil, like He does every time, including most dramatically the Cross.

Hagar is interpreted in a most unusual way by Paul in Galatians 4. Hagar is the covenant of the law, and Sarah is the covenant of the promise (Gal 4:24-27). Surely this contrasts the covenant of works and the covenant of grace. Of course, the covenant of works is in shadow form in the Mosaic covenant, since the beginning of the Ten Commandments indicates that there was also grace present in the covenant at Sinai. It is more complicated than simply equating the Mosaic covenant with the covenant of works. However, the covenant of works is clearly present. It is a covenant of slavery, since no one can do it. The covenant of grace is of grace since it is of faith.