The Christian Worldview

Practically speaking, the Christian worldview has the only answer to the fracturing of society that we see everywhere. Christianity alone can overcome barriers of race, class, and gender by uniting people in Christ. Christian theology alone is unified (contra what exegetes tend to say about dogmatics!), like spokes on a wheel. In short, the Christian worldview is the only one that really works, because it alone has the answer for the problem of the one and the many (the Trinity!). Unity in diversity is only possible in Christ alone, who is the head over all things for the church. Redemption heals the fractures of the soul that are present because of the Fall. Christianity alone sees the problem clearly, and thus has the solution to sin. All other worldviews cannot see clearly the problem, and so their diagnosis is always wrong, and thus their solution is way off base.

From my perspective, music provides a pretty good analogy to this. I played Liszt’s b minor Sonata in my senior recital. The most difficult thing about that piece (half an hour long without a break) is maintaining its unity. It is so easy to make that piece into about five different pieces. But it is the story of history as told from a Christian perspective (believe it or not!), with the struggle between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. Seeing the piece that way is the only way to keep its unity. This is analogous to the way in which the Christian life functions. The Christian belongs body and soul to Jesus (Heidelberg Catechism 1), and has been restored to unity of mind and body in the service of God. Sin therefore is a contradiction for the Christian, since it ruptures the unity between God and man in Christ Jesus.

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