Thoughts on Ephesians 1

No part of creation exists in isolation. The first chapter of Ephesians is incredibly uplifting. It says that all things come under the headship of Jesus Christ. Nothing is left out. In God’s mind, creation is a logical whole. Water exists, in which fish need to swim. Air exists, such that birds need to fly in it. Ground exists; therefore mankind and animals need to walk on it. For everything there is a season. Our fallen nature prevents us from seeing this unity of logic. We compartmentalize creation and study mathematics without studying Sanskrit or oil-painting. We study theology and turn down our noses at “lesser sciences.” But God is not compartmentalized, and neither is the human psyche.

We cannot believe without knowing. Knowledge is conviction. But our emotions do not leave themselves at the door while our “brainy brain” is busy botanising. Enlightenment is responsible for setting human reason apart from emotion and physicality. These philosophers tried to leave emotion behind, asserting that rationality was the savior of the human race. In the process, they narrowed their view of the universe. Mankind is finite. It can never see all. But it can (by God’s special grace) notice this fact and depend on God for a view of creation that takes this into account. With access to God, mankind can (through a glass darkly) see the blurry shape of creation and stand in proper awe of creation, yes, but much more importantly they can see God, in whose mind creation attains logical unity. This is only possible if a person trusts in Jesus, who reveals the Father to us.

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