Here is an interesting quotation from Martyn Lloyd-Jones having to do with the passage in Matthew 5 about being the salt of the earth: “Take Christianity out of life and the world, and what an insipid thing life becomes, especially when one gets old or is on one’s deathbed. It is utterly tasteless and men have to drug themselves in various ways because they feel their need of a savour.”

To put one’s trust in anything other than Christ is to be on drugs. They may work for a while. But the need to keep on doing it will grow. One of these days I will write down in full the poem “The Hound of Heaven,” a truly beautiful poem full of meaning in these days of opiate-induced stupefaction.

Salt has several functions in the ancient world: preservation of meat from putrefaction (there were no refrigerators in those days!); adding flavor to life; cleaning (babies were rubbed with salt right out of the womb to clean them off); and making someone thirsty (see Matthew 5:6!).