There are many people out there who will say that only true-to-life stories are helpful to people. These people ignore Jesus’ parables (read “fables”), but that is another story. I beg to differ with these narrow-minded people. Myth is a category that helps us to see our world through other eyes. Rather than making us blind to our own world, myth helps us to see our world better. I am thinking here primarily of the work of Tolkien and Lewis. Their world is Christian. I wish more writers would attempt their kind of project. Tad Williams has come close, but he is not Christian as far as I can tell. He is good reading, nevertheless. I do NOT think that Harry Potter is in the same league with Tolkien and Lewis. I am going to try my own hand (a very unoriginal hand, I’m afraid) at contributing to this wonderful world of Christian myth by writing an opera on Tolkien’s story “Beren and Luthien.” So far, the libretto is well under way, and I have some musical ideas, as well. Who knows whether it will ever get done. But it is worth a try.

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  1. Ackbeet said,

    August 28, 2005 at 10:11 pm

    Hey, bro! Loved this. Mr. Wontrop should see it. I wonder what Gordon Clark would have said… It seems rather Van Tillian to me. :-)

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